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Volunteer to Interview Harvard College Applicants    

Despite a huge increase in Wisconsin applications to Harvard College in recent years, we continue to interview each applicant.  Approximately 80 Harvard College alumni(ae) are involved in this effort, but in all geographic areas, and especially the less urban ones, we need additional interviewers.  We would appreciate your interviewing students in your area. 

For most of us, it is a delight to meet for a half hour to an hour and chat with some of the best and brightest high school seniors in the State.  The mechanics aren’t difficult.  You get an assignment by email any time from November through about mid-January and have until early February to complete the interview and submit an interview report using an online form.  There is a Harvard Admissions Office website on which you access the form and which has all the information you need to interview. 

When you get the assignment, you call or email the student to arrange a time and place. You may have the student come to your home or office, or meet someplace “neutral” like a coffee shop or library.  Or you can interview at the high school; college placement officers are usually glad to arrange a time and room for you to meet the student there. 

If you are interested, please email  stuart.parsons@quarles.com or call 414-277-5657 todiscuss it further.  This is important work, and we hope you will seriously consider helping us. 


W. Stuart Parsons

Chair, Schools and Scholarships Committee